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Connecting Segmenter to NeonCRM


Segmenter is an ultra-simple tool that produces tiered segmentations in a single operation. This guide will walk you through the steps to connect Segmenter with your NeonCRM organisation's data.

You can find a quick overview of the Segmenter tool features here:


What you need from NeonCRM

The first step is to retrieve your organisation ID, and setup an API key within NeonCRM. Follow the steps outlined in the following link to do so:

Setup in Segmenter Tool

  • Click on Settings at the top right:
  • Choose Manage from the NeonCRM option in the Connections section:
  • Enter your Organisation ID and API Key you have setup within NeonCRM and click on Connect.
  • Your NeonCRM data is then synced, which can take a few minutes (Around 15min for a smaller organisation with 1000 records), refresh the page to update the status.
  • Once the sync shows completion, you will be ready to use the Segmenter


After the initial synchronization, the data is kept up to date via triggers from NeonCRM (webhooks). The integration only retrieves data from NeonCRM.

Data types

  • Accounts (Individual, Organization)
  • Donations

Supported Triggers

  • Create Account
  • Edit Account
  • Delete Account
  • Create Donation
  • Edit Donation
  • Delete Donation

Fields we receive from NeonCRM


  • AccountId
  • Deceased
  • Salutation
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • Prefix
  • Email
  • NoSolicitation
  • Primary Address
  • OrganizationName
  • LastModifiedDateTime
  • Custom Fields (On request)


  • DonationId
  • AccountId
  • Date
  • CreatedDateTime
  • Amount
  • Payment Tender Type
  • Campaign
  • Purpose


Segmenter lets you have one or more segment plans that we have tailored to your needs. A plan consists of multiple segments; you can decide what criteria apply for a donor to be included in a segment and in what order these segments are applied, which is then implemented by us.

Once we have implemented your requirements you can then:

  • Create an appeal and select all or specific segments
  • Exclude donors based on your customized criteria
  • View segment counts
  • View and download past appeals

Support Contact

To contact Red Arc support with questions about the NeonCRM integration, please email